F You, Auto Correct! - Funny autocorrect texts fails and wins that occur from damn autocorrect feature on the iphone.

About FU Auto Correct

F U, AutoCorrect is a site dedicated to all those embarrassing funny auto-correct texts from iphones. We all have mobile devices most of which have an autocorrect feature on it for texting. We all know how annoying the damn iphone AutoCorrect feature can be. It changes texts without us noticing at times, and if you're texting someone and tap "send" too fast before looking over your text, it can easily lead to some funny auto corrected texts. If you've been fooled by predictive text, we want to know about it. Take a screen shot of the auto corrected text with your iPhone by [pressing the sleep button at the top of the iPhone and the circular home button at the same time]

Welcome to F You, AutoCorrect. Enjoy your infamy!