F You, Auto Correct! - Funny autocorrect texts fails and wins that occur from damn autocorrect feature on the iphone.

Why aren't you answering?

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Why aren't you answering?

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hmm (1 Points) (+5, -4) 4 years ago

and your a loser for complaining :)

come on (10 Points) (+14, -4) 4 years ago

and you're a loser for using your instead of you're

Heather (1 Points) (+1, -0) 3 years ago

You forgot you're period.

prestoneable (0 Points) (+1, -1) 3 years ago

this is the most pathetic argument i've ever seen

amazing grace (-2 Points) (+0, -2) 3 years ago

It happens to be 'your' period. what sense is, you are period? come on now.

delij (2 Points) (+2, -0) 3 years ago

You forgot to capitalize the "C" in "come." Come on now. <--See?

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Duncan70 (0 Points) (+2, -2) 4 years ago

I'm not an American so idrc...

Ghost (0 Points) (+3, -3) 4 years ago

Fake. Text is supposed to show in green

clearose (7 Points) (+7, -0) 4 years ago

only if you are the sender. if you are recieving a text it shows up in white...

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So... (1 Points) (+1, -0) 2 years ago

So this guy is called jack, sending a text to someone called jack. What are the odds?

Ladida (0 Points) (+0, -0) 1 year ago

I suppose the irony was meant to be that the sender actually sent the message from jacks phone... to jack whose phone he is holding.

knows (0 Points) (+0, -0) 3 years ago

not always, shut up unless u know the people

fake (-1 Points) (+1, -2) 4 years ago


mormom (0 Points) (+1, -1) 4 years ago

You guys are a silly its white if you're the sender ^_^

rachelsies (1 Points) (+1, -0) 4 years ago

Okay - Seriously. Regardless to color, it's not fake. Sender: Noticed it and decided to laugh at himself. Receiver: Noticed it and decided to laugh at his friend.

It is fake (5 Points) (+6, -1) 4 years ago

It is fake unless both of their names are jack, for that is the receivers phone and the contact who sent the messages is named jack who had also called the receiver jack.

coheed (0 Points) (+0, -0) 4 years ago

^ good point

Seriously? (-2 Points) (+0, -2) 4 years ago

Uhh seriously? Wow

Mikki (3 Points) (+3, -0) 4 years ago

If you are sending, the text is green. If you are receiving, the text is white. The name on the top indicates that the person that is texting in white is Jack. However, the text messages say the receiver is Jack. This is clearly a fake. Unless, of course, both people in the conversation are Jack. Although I highly doubt that.

knows (1 Points) (+1, -0) 3 years ago

just shut up and enjoy.

Well.. (0 Points) (+0, -0) 3 years ago

I poo in my pants.

awesome happyface (0 Points) (+0, -0) 3 years ago

He's using Jack's phone. Obviously.

... (0 Points) (+0, -0) 3 years ago

obviously not of it would be sending instead of recieving

:( (2 Points) (+3, -1) 3 years ago

my mom rapes me

popo is god (2 Points) (+2, -0) 3 years ago

i don't care if it's fake or not i found it fun

popo is god (2 Points) (+2, -0) 3 years ago

i don't care if it's fake or not, i found it funny

YOUNGER THAN YOU BUT WAYY SMARTER!!!!! (-2 Points) (+1, -3) 3 years ago


Dude (1 Points) (+1, -0) 2 years ago

This is the internet, man. If the internet were a country, the national pasttime would be idiocy.

4769 (0 Points) (+0, -0) 2 years ago

What an idiot...

... (0 Points) (+0, -0) 2 years ago


klaar (0 Points) (+0, -0) 1 month ago

No argument here, but if the sender was using Jacks phone, the text messages would have been duplicated on both sides of the same screen... and Jack would have to have his own name and number in his contact list to show up on top. So who can definitely say what IS going on here? either way, it's funny :D

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